Newsletter #7 (January 2020)


It is our pleasure to announce the release of the Athena Community Newsletter (issue 7), which we hope is of interest to you.

  • Welcome
  • Giorgio (1939-2018) and Athena (1998-?)
  • Athena Study Status
  • News from the Instruments: WFI and X-IFU
  • #AthenaNugget: Extrasolar Planets a Radiation Diet
  • #AthenaNugget: On the Athena Ground Segment
  • 3D spectroscopy from sub-mm to X-ray: the promise of Athena in the 2030s multiwavelength context: A special session at EWASS 2019
  • Athena Community People: Jan-Willem den Herder, Mara Salvato and Giovanni Miniutti
  • Conferences