In this section you will find scientific resources useful for your scientific work as well as for your communication projects.

Athena Brand

Resources to disseminate the Athena mission at the brand menu.

Athena Newsletter

The ACO produce and distribute regularly an Athena Newsletter to inform the community about all mission and science developments.

Athena Nuggets

The Athena nuggets are small pieces of wisdom about topics with the aim to approach Athena not only to the scientific community but also to non-experts.

Share your work with the Athena Community and the world

  • Your Athena presentations: Please inform us about your future Athena presentations in conferences, schools, workshops, etc. They will be posted in advance in the Athena social media. Also, if you would like to share publicly your presentations in our web site, you may send us the link to the relevant material.

  • Your Athena related publications: Please inform us about your Athena related publications. They will posted in our web site and in the Athena social media.

External Materials

Links to official sites will be provided for all the material related to instrument development (as response matrices, background files, etc.). Also external links are provided for simulation tools (developer sites) and for the Document Repository (University of Geneva). Check relevant sections in the RESOURCES menu above.