It is our pleasure to announce the release of the Athena Community Newsletter (issue 9), which we hope is of interest to you.

  • Welcome
  • Ninth AO to join the Athena
  • Latest news
  • The Athena-multimessenger synergy white paper
  • Rubin-Athena synergy status
  • Athena Study Status
  • News from the Instruments: WFI and X-IFU
  • News from JAXA
  • News from NASA
  • #AthenaNuggets: Athena's discovery potential for nearby X-ray emitting large-scale filaments
  • #AthenaNuggets: Anticipating the unexpected
  • Athena Community People: Matteo Guainazzi, Esra Bulbul and Stefano Ettori
  • AHEAD2020 Announcement of Opportunity Cycle 3
  • Conferences