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Post-doc fellowship to work on CryoAC at INAF/IAPS Roma

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    One year post-doc fellowship to work on CryoAC at INAF/IAPS Roma, renewal subjected to the assessment of the needs of the research programme (gross percipient 32 k€ corresponding to ~ 2300 € net per month). The research activity to be performed will be the following: characterisation measurements of cryogenic anticoincidence prototypes based on Transition Edge Sensor; analysis of the impact of the results on the design of the Athena/X-IFU detector; contribution to the definition and implementation of the detector calibration and verification plan.

    The submission deadline is the 15th of February 2024. The link where you can find the documentation is here. The candidate will be assessed in particular on documented experience in laboratory experimental research and particle detectors or X-gamma spectrometers.