Athena X-ray Advances series: webinar by Vittorio Ghirardini


    The next webinar of the “Athena X-ray Advances: Science Webinars” is forseen on the 2nd of May at 15 CEST.  Vittorio Ghirardini (MPE) will give the webinar entitled: Entropy evolution in cluster outskirts.


    Abstract: Clusters of galaxy are the end product of hierarchical accretion of matter over cosmological scales. The gas from the cosmic web is accreted and thermalized inside the cluster halo. Self-similar models and simple gravity-dominated simulations predict that entropy follows a radial power-law distribution. More advanced realistic magneto-hydrodynamical simulations have significantly improved the theoretical prediction, however, the predicted entropy in the outer part of galaxy clusters remains a simple power law. Deviations from such a simple relation are expected at even larger radii when the boundary of galaxy clusters is reached. Deviations from a simple power law at large radii have been observed in the literature, although the interpretation of the deviation has been debated as effects like gas clumping and non-thermal pressure support can indeed cause these deviations. In this talk, I will review the current status of theoretical and observational entropy profiles at large radii as a function of cosmic distance.


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    Passcode: 159073


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