The Athena X-ray Observatory: Community Support Portal

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The Athena Community Office (ACO) outreach task is to raise awareness about all the scientific work around the Athena mission and its contribution to the knowledge of our hot and energetic universe.

The ACO outreach is addressed to the general public with no (or little) scientific knowledge. ACO provides materials for pictures, flyers, texts, presentations and links to available Athena-related materials produced by other parties.

ACO communicates through different channels to the general and scientific public, such as:

– Web Community Portal: updates via news and other community information.

– Social media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to share and interchange information, images, videos and ideas.

– Newsletters: produce and distribute regularly an Athena Newsletter to inform the community about all mission and science developments.

– Athena Nuggets: small pieces of wisdom about scientific and technical topics with the aim to approach Athena not only to the scientific community but also to non-experts.