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Athena Community


The remit of the Athena Science Study Team (ASST)  involves multiple tasks, which include acting as a focus for the involvement of the broad scientific community. With the agreement of ESA, the ASST has established a Working Group structure populated by members of the community. These Working Groups and Topical Panels are intended to bring the expertise and effort of that community to bear in support of Athena under these Terms of Reference.

At the moment there are 5 Working Groups (SGW1 The Hot Universe, SWG2 The Energetic Universe, SWG3 Observatory Science, TWG4 Telescope and MWG5 Mission Performance). Most of them are organised in Topical Panels (e.g. SWG1.3, MPG5.2, etc). The organization chart can be downloaded here.

The application for Working Group membership is currently closed. We will inform at this website when the process reopens.

In case of affiliation changes, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ESA Athena Science Study Team (ASST)

D. Lumb (Chair), K. Nandra (Science Lead & WFI), D. Barret (X-IFU), A. Decourchelle, J.W. den Herder, A.C. Fabian, H. Matsumoto (JAXA), L. Piro, R. Smith (NASA), R. Willingale.